Family Doctors

NOHN Family Doctors Know Your Family and that Makes All the Difference in the Care You Receive

Family Doctors

North Olympic Healthcare Network has a medical staff of over twenty Family Doctors and family practitioners (nurse practitioners and physician assistants). We make it a priority to know your family - and that really makes all the difference in the care that you receive.

Having a family doctor means you are receiving health care that is personal, comprehensive, and holistic. Your family doctor works from a broad and comprehensive training in the health and disease of all systems of the body, across the age span. Often, your family doctor will work with your entire family: you, your parents, your children, and even their children.

Most of our family doctors here at North Olympic Healthcare Network (NOHN) have additional training in obstetrics and pediatrics, so over the years it has been common for NOHN family doctors to provide healthcare to children who grow to establish their own young families with NOHN doctors right there delivering and tending to the healthcare needs of another generation.

Family doctors are committed to that kind of continuity of care and develop a sense of responsibility to become familiar with their patients within the context of family and community. Family Medicine is the kind of medicine that draws smart, caring doctors who are interested in developing long term relationships with their patients, viewing this as a strong base from which to deliver personalized and informed medical services.

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