Group Visits

Group Visits

We use group visits for education and support around a number of medical and behavioral health issues. At different times throughout the year we offer time-limited groups focused on, and comprised of patients who are, managing diabetes, or opioid recovery, or living with anxiety or depression, to name just a few.

Like many group settings, we find the group is an effective place for participants to gather a wide-ranging amount of information--from both our medical or behavioral health practitioners and other participants. For instance, participants in our groups on living with diabetes regularly share recipes and tips for managing diabetes in stressful situations, or at holiday celebrations where food, and eating are so central to times with loved ones. These are things that people learn in addition to all the good information shared by medical and behavioral staff.

The group setting is powerful in reminding participants that they're not alone. That sense of universality (I'm not the only one!) and support across members help ease the challenges faced by the issues that bring members together with providers.

We start new groups regularly. Please talk with your provider about group options that might be just right for you.

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