NOHN Patients Have a No Wait Time Walk-In Clinic to Call Their Own

NOHN Patients Have a No Wait Time Walk-In Clinic to Call Their Own

You never need a Walk-In Clinic, until you need one! Right?

Then, if you’re a patient at North Olympic Healthcare Network, you REALLY appreciate the fact that your health clinic has a Walk-In Clinic just for its own patients, including you and your family.

When you’re a patient at North Olympic Healthcare Network you have your own Walk-In Clinic. And among other things, that means that there is virtually zero minutes wait time to see a triage nurse who can get you the care you need immediately.

It also means that, unless your urgent need is life-threatening (in which case the nurse would recommend a trip to the ER), you’ll be seen by practitioners who are likely to know you and be familiar with your health history. That can be very important for people with on-going health concerns (like diabetes, heart disease, dementia, etc.) who get injured, or suddenly fall ill.

Often, people need to choose between their family doctor and the walk-in clinic when urgent needs arise. For North Olympic Healthcare Network patients, that is a non-dilemma! Your family doctor and your walk-in clinic are one here.

Some of the reasons you may need a Walk-In clinic for those urgent, same-day visits, include, but aren’t limited to:

  • minor burns
  • sprains and strains
  • minor cuts, wounds, or injuries
  • sports physicals
  • pregnancy testing
  • sinus symptoms, sore throat, allergies
  • coughs and asthma flares
  • ear pain or ear wash
  • minor eye symptoms

When these or other urgent issues arise, you can call first if you’d like, but no appointment is necessary. That’s why we call it a Walk-In clinic, and it's all yours.

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