Our Clinical Pharmacist Works to Assure Safe, Potent Medication Use

Our Clinical Pharmacist Works to Assure Safe, Potent Medication Use

If you are someone who has multiple prescriptions, you’ll be encouraged to know that at North Olympic Healthcare Network our on-site Clinical Pharmacist is available to you and your healthcare provider for consultations at any time. It’s like having a pharmacist in each of your appointments!

During and after patient visits our providers and patients can consult with the Clinical Pharmacist about appropriate medications, any concerns about drug interactions, medication use by people with multiple conditions, and other medication-specific issues. Patients who take supplements and/or herbal remedies find this service especially helpful as they navigate the interaction of over-the-counter products with their prescriptions.

Of course, drug interactions are not the only concerns we have with medications. Cost containment is also front and center when it comes to medications.

Nobody should have to make tough choices between their medication and other necessities like food, heating, and rent. Our Clinical Pharmacist assures medication costs are as reasonable as possible, for both medications used in the Clinic and for patient use at home.

The Clinical Pharmacist helps North Olympic Healthcare Network and our patients manage the cost of medications by assuring the correct

  • Storage
  • Ordering
  • Administration
  • Dosing

Specifically for our patients, the Pharmacist can help obtain prior authorization for medications through health insurance companies, insuring the best possible price for prescriptions. Also, through the use of discount prescription programs and drug manufacturer discount programs, the Pharmacist can obtain considerable savings for patients when patients get new prescriptions. The Pharmacist can also introduce our patients to North Olympic Healthcare Network’s Sliding Fee Scale, which covers prescription costs as well as medical care. Depending on a patient’s income, up to 100% of the cost of prescriptions can be covered by this program.

The Clinical Pharmacist operates our Anti-Coagulation Clinic for people taking anti-coagulants such as warfarin. This important monitoring can prevent strokes and manage blood clots in people who take anti-coagulants.

North Olympic Healthcare Network’s Clinical Pharmacist is improving patients’ safe and effective use of medications through a variety of thorough checks and balances. It’s great to know there’s a pharmacist in the house!

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