TeleHealth Brings NOHN Providers to You!

TeleHealth Brings NOHN Providers to You!

We are pleased to expand our capacity to provide telehealth visits--audio/visual, real-time visits--to patients with their NOHN providers. These visits take place on a scheduled basis, for appropriate problems.

Some of the visit types that may particularly lend themselves to telehealth visits include the following:

  • Review the results of lab tests or x-rays with your provider.
  • Attend a therapy session in the comfort of your own home.
  • Follow up on diagnoses, learning how to manage conditions that may be new to you.
  • Some post-surgery sessions are appropriate for telehealth visits. Ask  your provider.
  • Some pre-procedure visits that focus on introducing you to the procedure are appropriate via telehealth. Check to see if this would fit for your situation by contacting NOHN first.
  • Telehealth may be a good option for discussing your medications with your provider, especially if you have concerns about any unintended changes you're experiencing.

Simple and secure, telehealth visits are nearly always covered by patients' health insurance, though you may incur a co-pay as you would at an office visit.

How to Register for TeleHealth Appointments

It's easy to register for telehealth access through JoinCareTeam and it's a good idea to get registered in advance of your appointment.

Here is the simple two step approach to getting registered on JoinCareTeam.

In the first step, you'll provide JoinCareTeam with your email address and the program will immediately take you through an email confirmation process.

  1. Click on the registration link below.
  2. Enter your personal email address.
  3. Create and confirm a password for your account.
  4. JoinCareTeam will send you an email to the account you've provided to make sure it is correct.
  5. Open the email and click on Confirm My Account.

In the second step, you'll be directed to complete the registration by adding your first and last names to your account.

  1. You'll be directed back to the sign-in page.
  2. Log in using your email and the password you selected.
  3. Once logged in, complete your profile information.
  4. Click Save.  You're done!

Once registered you'll receive emails from JoinCareTeam when you have upcoming telehealth appointments, including a direct link to your visit immediately before its scheduled time.

Click Here to Be Directed to the JoinCareTeam site to begin the two-step registration process.

The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox are recommended for best results. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended. Smartphones and tablets with video cameras can be used for your telehealth visits, too. IPad and IPhone IOS 6.0 or higher and Android tablets and smartphone at 4.1 and higher are recommended.

Once into your account you can use the horizontal toolbar to change your password, deactivate/activate your account, edit your profile, and sign out. You'll also see several features within the Program we won't be using at this time. For instance, we will not be storing medical documents or taking payments on the telehealth system.

You cannot make an appointment through the telehealth system; it does not talk to our schedules! To make an appointment with a NOHN provider always call our Patient Service Representatives at 360/452-7891.

Before your first Telehealth appointment, or if you are having problems connecting to your appointment, review these Tip Sheets for help. Click on the tips below for step-by-step information.

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