Telephone Calls

Complex medical questions are best solved with an appointment. But in between appointments you may have more specific questions and you'll want to communicate with your Care Team. Requests for information from provider teams by telephone are handled as time allows. Telephone messages will usually be answered within four business hours of when they are received.

We strongly encourage patients to utilize MyChart, the on-line communication tool that allows direct messaging access with your providers, and so much more. Click here to be linked to more information, including a link to establish your MyChart account.

If you do call the Clinic and leave a message for a Care Team member, please be available to receive our return call. Federal privacy regulations prevent us from leaving messages containing health information on answering machines.

Please do not use e-mail or fax to communicate urgent medical issues or requests for prescription refills.

Prescription Refills are done through your pharmacy. Click here for more details.

We have created an online medical health information library, available on this website, which may have the answers to many questions. Click here for those on-line resource links.

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