Ty Myers

Ty Myers

Ty was born and raised in eastern Oregon at the foot of the Blue Mountains, in Halfway, Oregon. He began his training at E. Oregon University where he earned a BS in Science and Biology. Drawn to dentistry, he returned to school to earn a second Bachelor degree in Dental Hygiene at Portland’s Oregon Health and Science University. He has had a wide-ranging career in dental hygiene, including experience in private dentistry, HMO-based dentistry, and Tribal dental clinics.

Ty taught dental hygiene to aspiring dental hygienists at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington, where his love of the profession inspired many other newly-minted professionals. Ty is passionate about preventive dentistry and is a natural teacher, to both patients and students.

When not helping patients with their oral health Ty enjoys repairing antique lamps and furniture, singing karaoke, and is, by his own admission, a picky movie buff.

Degrees/Other Info

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Eastern Oregon

Dental Hygiene: Bachelor of Dental Hygiene, Oregon Health and Science University

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