Understanding Health Insurance

We are pleased to contract with most major insurance plans and try to help our patients understand some of the basic rules and policies created by their plans. Each insurance company creates its own rules and policies, which they provide in a patient handbook sent to their clients. If you have questions, please consult with your insurance plan for clarification.

Health insurance is a valuable, and in some cases essential, resource for healthy living. But the world of health insurance is complex!

We’ve created this series of pages to make the complexities of health insurance a lot more manageable. When you understand the details of your health insurance coverage you can enjoy more control of your own health care expenditures and make informed decisions about your medical care.

Authorization for Specialty Medical Services & Your Insurance Coverage

In order to proceed with the referral for consultation with a specialist, your insurance company may require pre-authorization, and some plans will not pay for your visit with the specialist if you have not received authorization.

Please visit our Referrals page for more information on referrals.