Lab and X-Ray

Convenient Access to Lab and X-Ray Services

Our providers love having a lab and X-ray on-site and you will, too! The convenience of having lab and radiology in the same location with our exam rooms means that needed tests are run quickly. Results are shared immediately.

Clinics without on-site labs must send their patients to off-site locations for blood draws, x-rays, and other tests. The travel and parking alone requires additional time that North Olympic Healthcare Network patients get to spend elsewhere.

We use the same electronic record system in our lab as our providers use; they require no additional check-in or registration on patients’ part, and the transfer of information is instantaneous.

But convenience and quick response time are just the beginning. Our lab technicians are regularly applauded in patient comments cards, and patient surveys name them as some of the best! Both our lab and x-ray services are staffed by the lab technicians from Olympic Medical Center.

For current Lab and X-Ray hours, please visit our Locations and Hours page.