North Olympic Healthcare Network partners with retail pharmacies in the area to enhance care for our patients. We will send your prescriptions to any of the pharmacies in our area listed below. We will also send your prescription out of the area or to any mail order pharmacy.

  • Safeway
  • Rite Aid
  • Jim's Pharmacy
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens**
  • QFC
  • Chinook Pharmacy
  • Genoa Pharmacy

**Sliding Fee Program participants may be eligible for prescription discounts at Walgreens, our designated discount pharmacy. Please click here for more information.

Prescription Refills

Ideally, medications are filled during scheduled appointments. At each visit, we will check on the status of your medications. If they appear to need refills, your care team will address that with you during that appointment, either by refilling them if appropriate, or arranging other evaluation as needed. If you run out of medication before your next appointment, you are likely due for an appointment and should call to schedule it.

As your medication supply gets low (no refills left) or if you run out of medication, in addition to calling for an appointment, please call your pharmacy. They will contact us and if appropriate, we will authorize a refill within 72 hours. If a refill is not appropriate (if you are overdue for an appointment for example, or if the medication was not meant to be refilled), you will hear from our medical teams about what to do next. We only prescribe and/or refill controlled substances (such as opioids/narcotics) during an office visit.

Narcotic/Opioid Pain Medications

Current medical evidence does not support the use of opioids/narcotics for chronic non-cancer pain. Because our providers follow best medical practice guidelines, we do not prescribe opioids/narcotics for chronic non-cancer pain. Your provider will instead work with you to find safer and more effective long-term non-opioid therapies to manage your pain.

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