One of Our OB Doctors Has a Baby

Choosing NOHN for OB Care by Dr. Jessica DiBari

Having a baby is such an emotional experience. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, to giving birth and holding your baby for the first time, then learning how to care for your baby, and chasing after your toddler, every feeling imaginable and even ones you never thought existed, are all a part of the journey.

It’s nice to have someone who understands the whole process and can give you tips about life during and after pregnancy. Which is why I chose to have my partners at NOHN as my doctors for my own pregnancy.

I appreciated the fact that they could see the big picture – more than just the pregnancy itself, but also how that fits into the rest of my life. My doctor helped me figure out how to prepare my toddler for becoming a big brother and gave me advice about how to adjust to having two little ones.

Family medicine is special that way because we can stick with our patients from the beginning of trying to conceive to delivery and beyond, and are definitely along for the ride, able to care for the whole family including the baby (and any grandparents that might come to visit or try to move in!).

I feel really lucky to have had such excellent care and hope to be able to give others the same high quality care that I received from my partners at North Olympic Healthcare Network.

Headshot of Jessica DiBari, DODr. Jessica DiBari

I love delivering babies!! It is such a beautiful time to be involved in peoples’ lives. I chose family medicine so that I can care for women during pregnancy, deliver babies and then watch the babies I deliver grow up.

After finishing training in family medicine, I spent an extra year learning to do C-sections and preparing to work in a rural area and found exactly the job I was looking for at NOHN where I get to do all the things I imagined I would do as a full-spectrum family practice doctor and still have time to hang out with my husband, my son and my daughter. Come check out our clinic where we love to care for the whole family!

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