Personalized, Compassionate Obstetrics Care in Port Angeles

We provide personalized, compassionate obstetrics (OB) care focused on building a long-lasting relationship before, during, and after pregnancy. We treat the whole person, so we not only support your physical health, but your mental and emotional well-being too. If you become ill with a non-pregnancy-related condition during your pregnancy, your North Olympic Healthcare Network family doctor and care team will care for you.

With You for the Journey

We are trained in gentle and natural approaches for women who want to avoid medications during labor. We are also comfortable with offering interventions, such as epidurals, to women who desire it during labor.

We work together with you to decide how you want your labor and delivery experience to be prior to your big day. If you want your family to participate in your pregnancy, we invite them to attend prenatal visits.

Your doctor, nurse, and support staff are available around the clock if you have any questions or concerns about your condition or care. We provide an after-hours nurse line and an on-call OB physician for urgent issues that may come up in the evenings or on the weekends.

New parents on either side of baby, kissing baby on cheeks

High-Risk Pregnancy Care

We are experienced in managing all levels of pregnancy care, including high-risk obstetrics. Should a complication arise, your doctor is able to treat you without referring you to another provider in most cases.

Special conditions we can treat include:

  • C-Sections: repeat and unplanned or urgent
  • Diabetes: existing or arising in pregnancy
  • Substance abuse: including opioid dependence
  • Behavioral health: counseling during pregnancy and/or postpartum
  • Many other co-existing medical conditions

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Questions about getting vaccinated while pregnant? If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant, please visit onevaxtwolives.com from UW Medicine for answers to frequently asked questions about the vaccine.


Are you pregnant and struggling with addiction? The SUPPORT Clinic is an integrated prenatal (OB) and addiction care clinic. Stop by NOHN’s Downtown Health Center clinic at 240 W. Front Street in Port Angeles any Thursday between 8:30am and 4:00pm to discuss addiction treatment during pregnancy.

Meet Our OB Providers

Attention all moms-to-be:  North Olympic Healthcare Network’s board-certified physicians specializing in Family Medicine with Obstetrics are here to guide and support you on your pregnancy journey.

Headshot of Jessica Colwell, MD

Jessica Colwell, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Ben Curran, MD

Ben Curran, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Jessica DiBari, DO

Jessica DiBari, DO

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Ned Hammar, MD

Ned Hammar, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Linsey Monaghan, MD

Linsey Monaghan, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Mira Nelson, MD

Mira Nelson, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Matthew Novack, MD

Matthew Novack, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Brianne Rowan, MD

Brianne Rowan, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Headshot of Michael Wauters, MD

Michael Wauters, MD

Family Medicine
Obstetrics (OB)

Meet Our Physicians in Residence

Headshot of Abigail Ahyong, MD

Abigail Ahyong, MD

Headshot of Taylor Caldwell, MD

Taylor Caldwell, MD

Headshot of Chelsea Denney, MD

Chelsea Denney, MD

Headshot of Michaela Fallon, MD

Michaela Fallon, MD

Headshot of Melanie Langa, MD

Melanie Langa, MD

Headshot of Lisa Skarling, MD

Lisa Skarling, MD

Obstetrics Locations

Downtown Health Center

Eastside Health Center