Community Resource Navigator

Help in Accessing Community Resources

Our Community Resource Navigator is here to help patients address any non-medical barriers to their healthcare and healthy lifestyles. An expert in our local community resources and how to access them, our Navigator works with providers and patients to remove the things that get in the way of being one’s healthiest self by rallying our rich web of community resources for the task.

Through assistance with obtaining affordable health insurance, to help with transportation to medical appointments, food, housing, translation, home care, and many other local services, our Navigator can help patients meet their health goals by connecting them with the resources they need in order to focus on getting and staying healthy.

Located at our Downtown Health Center, 240 W. Front Street, and our Eastside Health Center, 1026 E. First Street, just inside our front door. Available by phone at (360) 452-7891, extension 2894.